The Red Eye

My poor Buffa has a very red, sore and weepy left eye.  I noticed it on Monday and kept an eye on it if you’ll pardon the pun. By Wednesday I thought it was a little better and he seemed to be his normal self otherwise so wasn’t too concerned.  However on Friday I could see it wasn’t better and he was starting to rub at it with his little paw and and he did seem a little tired and under the weather 😦 so off to vets we went.

Buffa is not madly keen on the vets I think mainly ‘cos he knows there are cats around and his tail goes down between his legs and he shakes a little and refuses all treats and look longingly at the door and scrambles towards it whenever there is enough length on the leash!  On first arrival I was glad to see that the waiting room was empty and as it was 6.30pm in the evening I thought we were in for a nice easy wait.  But no! Cat after cat arrived in baskets until there was nothing but baskets and furry feline mewling and my poor Buffa and I were completely outnumbered!  I had to hold him with his head facing a wall which actually kept him quite calm but he knew they were there, he couldn’t see them but he could smell them and he could sure hear them.  One basket even had two of the blighters in it!  I wanted to ask the receptionist if we could wait outside but she had disappeared and I didn’t want to miss our turn and be left waiting out there all night!
And for some reason the vet took ages we didn’t get called in for a full 20 minutes! Longest ever!

When finally got him in and on the table she pulled down his lower lid and we could see how swollen and inflamed his eye really was and I felt dreadful!  I had only been able to pull up the upper lid and see the white above his eye, I hadn’t been able or thought to pull down the lower lid which was where the actual infection and inflammation is!  I would have brought him much sooner :(:(

The vet put a flouresent liquid in his eye to numb it and which would show up any damage or scratches to the eye and luckily there was none to be seen but she said definitely an infection there so anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic eye drops it is, one in the morning and one in the evening to treat it.  We gave him one there and then and home for an early night.  My Buffa is definitely poorly he was out for the count all evening 😦  Not sure whether to cancel everything today and keep him in or take him on a little walk this morning and see how he is. . . . . .



The Right Trousers

I have realised that Buffa is so clever he figures out what kind of outing he’s in for (or not) by sniffing my trousers!  From wherever he is in the house when I go in to the bedroom and open the chest of drawers his little ears must prick up from his hidey hole as his Mommy-on-the-Move alert radar goes off and into the room he trots just in time to sniff whichever pair of trousers I am pulling on.  (It’s usually trousers these days, I have left behind skirts it seems!)


Anyways – If it’s walking trousers he just knows it’s walkies time – Yay!  He gets very excited and starts zooming around and barking at all the windows sending out the “We are leaving the house soon better get out of the way!” message to any nearby cats and neighbouring pooches.  If it’s not walking trousers he gives them another exploratory sniff and I’m sure he knows –  smart trousers and he’s probably not coming with me, off he slouches out of the room back to his hidey hole or if feeling particularly aggrieved he will jump up on to the bed and throw himself down with a big sigh and rest his little grey chin on his paws and look up at me with his big droopy beseeching eyes . . . “Aaawwwww mommy! – how can you lllleeeeeeaaaaavvvvveee meeeee!” 😦  Sometimes his exploratory sniff comes up  ambiguous ie I am wearing smart trousers but we are going somewhere nice and he is coming so I will have to bring his blanket so he doesn’t trample my nice trousers in the car when he’s out of his head with excitement (and fear – he hates the car) but he still seems to know!  Amazing dog.  Amazing little black shiny trembly quivery nose.  Love him to bits.


Amazing Chow Dog!

Good job Buffa wasn’t with me when I met this awesome creature! He is not good with large fluffy dogs and I’m sure would have gone batty.

This was a thing to behold! – Groomed to within an inch of his life!  Apparently a v good guard dog! Amazing!