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Tooth Extraction

My Buffa had his second tooth out today 😦  I had noticed that he would stop playing sometimes during a game of tuggy and look at me and I knew something was bothering him but despite checking his teeth before I guess we couldn’t spot it until it was gone!  Well half of it anyway.  It’s one of those little ones right in the front of his top jaw.  And when I did finally see that there was only a half a tooth there I could also see a bit of pink in the middle which may well have been the nerve . . . . OUch!  Poor Buffa!

So we called the vet and did the research and despite hoping there might be a way to save the little stump and avoid him going under anaesthetic there was nothing for it in the end but the op and he went in this morning.  By this time the stump had started to turn brown and although it was obviously bothering him less (he demolished nearly a whole rawhide chew the night before) we knew it was only going to go rotten and cause much much worse problems.   I hate him having the op because apart from the risk of the anaesthetic they admit all the scheduled dogs into the back of the vets in the morning and I know they keep them in crates until they decide in what order to operate and Buffa will be there for a while not knowing what is going on and probably scared.  He is a bit of a scaredy cat at the vets – mostly because he knows there are cats there!  We did check that they are kept separate and hopefully it wasn’t too long before they gave him his premeds.

So after a bit of a shaky morning on my part and having to constantly keep re-visualising him back in my arms cuddled up on the sofa because my overactive and panic stricken imagination kept presenting me with stories of his demise and my life becoming Buffa – less – I finally hear the magic words of the nurse on the phone saying that he was recovering well and we could collect him.

This is the second tooth he has had to have extracted.  The other one was a big sharp molar from his lower jaw that was broken for sure due to me stupidly attaching his chasey chasey toy to the stick with a metal clip from his old lead.  I am sure that there was more than one occasion on which the velocity of the Chasey was stopped in its tracks by Buffa’s molar, before it cracked . . . . 😦  felt v v awful about that but really not sure about this new little one breaking in half.  We do give him real bones which he gnaws on and which keep his teeth really clean and he loves them they are a real highlight for him so don’t want to stop them but hope he doesn’t keep up this rate of tooth loss – one per year – he will be a very gummy boy soon!

Buffa is funny after anaesthetic – I remember from last time – he fights the drowsiness and doesn’t want to rest.  He keeps whining and going to get his toys and bring them to us asking to play – like he can’t understand why it’s not time for some fun – but his eyes are all droopy underneath and whatever he is doing he has to stop and think about things every few minutes – When he arrived back he was v excited to go straight to the garden for a potty and seemed perfectly normal for about 5 minutes before coming to a standstill and looking v confused –  as his eyes closed and back legs sank gently towards the patio I scooped him up in my arms and carried him into the living room – sofa all prepared for mommy cuddles with velvet blanket to wrap us in and Judge Judy on the telly.  “But mom!. . … . .O ok then …… zzzzzzzzzz”


So happy to have my Boy back – I am Happy and he is Gappy . . .  . . .

Eye Drama at the Cursed Meadow

Bit of a mini scare – we had just returned from a walk to the Meadow and back to my friends flat with her dogs and Buffa was playing merrily with Honey when he jumped up on the couch next to me and sat down and as I looked over I thought he was suddenly very tired as his eyes were almost closed.  As I looked longer I could see he was trying to open his eyes but something was wierd – like he was suddenly so tired he couldn’t open them.  I leaned over and said “are you ok Buffa Boy? – why suddenly so tired?’  But then as I gently pulled open his eyes the whole whites of both eyes were completely red!  At first I thought maybe something had scraped his eye during the rough and tumble with Honey but it was both eyes!  And he looked like he was about to lose consciousness!  I leapt off the sofa and clapped my hands just to wake him up and see if he was otherwise normal and although he did jump off the sofa he still couldn’t open his eyes properly at all so OMG and I marched him straight up the road to the Vets remembering last time he had been stung by something in the Meadow he got all floppy and I had to carry him so hoping to get him there quickly this time before he collapsed!  Phoned them on the way saying bringing my dog straight in and bless them they saw us immediately.

I was trying not to panic but was talking non stop and Buffa was v quivery and did not want to be on the table at all but the vet got a good look at the eyes and put some flourescent drops in to see if the eye had been scraped and took his heart rate and temperature.  He said that we did not know at this stage what it was but he would give him a steroid injection which would deal with the inflammation.  There was no point in taking bloods yet as anything he had ingested would not show up yet.  He said that the good thing was that considering Buffa was a bit quivery which he usually is in the vets his heartbeat was really normal and this was the best sign that he was ok and it was something only affecting his eyes.  Home with eye drops for 5 days and close monitor to see if he shows any change in usual behaviour if so straight off to emergency vet overnight.

All a bit scary as on my own with no car that night – got home and cuddled up straight away on sofa together Buffa went out like a light for an  hour so definitely fighting something.  Kept home the whole of the next day didn’t ask for a walk once was v happy to cuddle on sofa with Auntie Sue whilst I taught my class and I watched him like a hawk but he ate well and those red eyes slowly responded to the drops and he only pawed at them a bit here and there.   A week later he is definitely bouncing off the walls and his Happy Buffa self but I still think the whites of his eyes are a little bloodshot – Wierd wierd wierd.  We had not been up the Meadow for around 3 years and there is a story as to why I will post sometime.  But suffice to say for now what with him being stung up there before and then the horrible thing that happened with George the Black flat coated retriever and now this I will Never Ever take Buffa up there again – it is “Not a Place for Buffas”


Another Poo Day

I realise that many of my HavingaBuffa diary entries either mention poo or are about poo or have pictures of poo!  I think my very first entry was entitled “Poo Patrol’ where Buffa and I were collecting abandoned poos on our morning walk up the hill.


And then there was the ‘To Pee or not to Pee’ entry after Buffa pee’d on me I seem to remember that was one of my longer ones. Hmmm. . . . . .

Definitely having a dog entails getting to grips with a certain amount of poo – and wee.  Right from the day we got him I remember thinking we needed to take out shares in kitchen roll as we were forever trailing him round the house mopping up wee with a wodge of kitchen roll and a bottle of desanitzer spray.
The worst day for poo was definitely the day he disappeared for a few moments up a grassy bank and re appeared absolutely smothered in what we could only identify as human poo due to the stench.  Truly disgusting.  This pic was posted under “Poo Day” and it is a photo of note.

At least Buffa has the temerity not to be looking too pleased with himself in the picture although he was evidently excited enough to roll in the stuff before realising Buffamom and Buffadaddy were quite the opposite, in fact traumatised!
Well this most recent Poo Day was not quite as bad as that but almost. . . . . . . .

Me and my boy were on the way to our brilliant Circus classes having arrived in the park with enough time for a ten minute ramble beforehand when I saw him out of the corner of my eye joyfully bouncing away from the path through some long grasses but with a determined and very focussed air that I recognised all too late and with horror started running towards him shouting “Noooooooo!”
But in the deep uneven grass I could only stagger precariously forwards trying not to break an ankle as Buffa dropped out of sight and all I could see were four excited paws wiggling frantically above the grassy tips.
I finally reached him his whole body undulating merrily into a large smeary patch of fox poo! Yeuch!  I was sooo annoyed I shouted furiously at him to “Get Out! You disgusting dog! Gross!” He got the message finally and sat up meekly looking at me with ears pinned back ” But mom I can’t help it!” “Why don’t you like it too?”

God he stank, and I could see it was smeared all down his back and over his collar.  O God, 5 minutes to go until class what to do?  I could leave it to dry and put up with the smell or take him to the loos to try to wash him off?  Then I remembered I had some wet wipes in my rucksack which I keep for those awkward times when picking up his poo in case I accidentally poke a finger through the bag.  Trying desperately not to get any on my hands as I knew I would be feeding him treats in class and didn’t want to be feeding him bits of stinky poo along with. But really in the end I think the wet wipes being wet I just spread the poo nice and deep into his fur!

Oh well, I had done the best I could for the time being and didn’t want to be late for class or turn up all cross.  I am really enjoying these new classes so didn’t want Buffa to associate the class in any way with mommy being cross or having a bad time so had to make it up to him quickly and turn up at class all happy and explain in a joyful voice that my dog has just smothered himself in fox poo and please not to touch him anywhere and apologies for the stinky smell.

The lady is so lovely she gave me a big hug and said not to worry.  She said once dogs get a liking for the stuff it’s very hard to train out.  It does seem like a complete compulsion with Buffa.  Only with fox poo and human poo apparently oh and stinky fish on the beach!  He seems ok around sheeps poo thank goodness as we spend so much time in Wales!
Sooo one smelly dog heading for at least two rinses with Tomato Ketchup before some Neem shampoo and still I know he will be aromatic for days and not in a good way!


Clean but Aromatic Buffa sleeping after his adventures with Poo